Study Finds Hope to Restore Hair Color

Doll with gray hair I. G. (Sirenita’s) photostream

A new study opens the door to
the possibility of reversing the hair whitening process in people whose
hair has turned white because of stress or illness, switchFont(1,”smallText”);BBC News reported:

The scientists, from
England’s Manchester University and Germany’s Lubeck University,
recreated a molecule responsible for stimulating the hair pigment
melanin. Using the hair follicles of six women, they mimicked two
conditions that can turn hair white — a skin disease called alopecia
areata and the stress-related disorder telogen effluvium.

Ralf Paus, the lead
researcher, said the discovery could possibly lead to an “anti-graying”
technique but that it was still too early to tell for sure.

Nina Goad of the
British Association of Dermatologists agreed. “These findings could
potentially pave the way for new therapies that restore color to white
hair,” she said. “At the moment, this research only applies to people
whose hair has turned white following illness, but this is an important
step for such patients.”

Delilah against myself
Originally published in The Green Tricycle

Annette Marie Hyder

I want to wrap around you as tightly
as that spiral curl of mine
you’ve wrapped around your finger.
I want to cling as softly,
stretch as far, grow as much,
but stay as wild.

You say Don’t ever cut it,
as your fingers lose their way in it
and you start to brush my hair,
as if I am
Delilah against myself.

You mean Don’t ever change.
But you should know that I will,
just like my hair that kinks
along its genetically
predetermined course
twirling like strands of DNA

but which can be straightened,
cut and styled
any way I wish;
held up
for the part of me that’s looking out
to see herself within,
whether haute coifed or uncombed.

You say I’ll still love it when it’s gray.

I think If I decide to let it.

Just for fun, want to see what you would look like with a different hair color? Try this site

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