Hugh Jackman named Sexiest Man Alive

Photo courtesy People Magazine

Something I can wholeheartedly endorse:

Hugh Jackman was named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine.

In other awards news, Chef Gordon Ramsay was honored by GQ Magazine with The Prick of the Year Award.

Photo courtesy The Daily Mind

Something I can not wholeheartedly endorse, clowns:

Clowns, shudder!

I hate clowns. I hate clown art, clown knick-knacks, clown couture, clown cuisine and clown literature. The only way I like clowns depicted is in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. Now I have something else to add to my list of shudder inducing clown and clown related things. I just have to ask, why? Why a clown calendar? And even more egregious, why a naked clown calendar?

Apparently, the answer to that question involves a desire to benefit those suffering from MS. The Naked Clown Calendar is ‘Seeking a cure for MS, one laugh at a time.’ and ‘The calendar is fun for all ages and persuasions, printed on
recycled paper using soy ink, and designed to benefit MS research and

From the site:

Naked Clown Calendar 2009

The Naked Clowns have arrived bearing their 2009 Naked Clown
Calendar to help benefit Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research and advocacy.

Check out The Naked Blog for the most up to date information.

This 16-month calendar with 12 feature images displays our clowns in
a myriad of positions designed to delight, to humor, and of course… to

Who’s bendy like a gummy bear?

What’s Unicycle Girl’s favorite holiday?

What do clowns eat for Thanksgiving?

All these questions and more shall be answered in the Naked Clown Calendar 2009!

“But why!?” you say, “Why are you naked?”

To benefit MS research and advocacy through the Judy Finelli Fund. The Judy Finelli Fund advocates cures and treatments of MS, promotes
artistic expression through circus arts and enables those affected by
MS to pursue their passions. 100% of the net profits from the sale of
each calendar goes to the Judy Finelli Fund.

Despite my antipathy to clowns, I’m wishing them the best in their endeavor.

Naked Clown Calendar

More Fool Me
Originally published in Poems Niederngasse
Annette Marie Hyder

If only
he had come, with a pasty white face
bulbous red nose, squawking horn
and pie right there in his hand.

Why couldn’t
he have been wearing a bow tie and boat
sized shoes; silly shirt, baggy pants
to match his disposition?

Ah well,
he camouflaged the empty caricature he was;
got me to wear my hair moppy and orange,
more fool me. 

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