Thanksgiving a loaded holiday for many Native Americans

Copyright Annette Marie Hyder

American Indian Thanksgiving

The Wisconsin State Journal has an interesting article about the roots of the Thanksgiving holiday in the early encounters
between European settlers and native populations. The article points out that there is a
multiplicity of viewpoints among American Indians about Thanksgiving:

When Bobbi Webster, a member
of the Oneida Nation, talks about being thankful, she mentions the
strawberry harvest, tapping maple trees for syrup, the summer solstice
and seasonal change. Feasting, family and giving thanks are the root of
multiple thanksgiving celebrations spread throughout the year for the
Oneida and other American Indians.

And on this fourth Thursday in
November, Webster, like millions of Americans, will gather with her
family for a feast, make her mother’s recipes for chocolate cake and
cranberries, talk about gratitude and celebrate Thanksgiving.

time of year we all celebrate Thanksgiving, but we have 13 ceremonies
of thanksgiving ongoing throughout the year,” Webster said. “Sometimes
you have to take the best of the worlds around you, draw from all the
cultures. Thanksgiving is a time we see what we have in common.”

Read the entire article here.

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