Literary bling

Copyright Annette Marie Hyder


Author, editor and educator, Shon Bacon, tagged me with a fun book-related award called Bookworm:

I want to keep my award/literary bling. But to do so I have to adhere to two rules:

RULE ONE, I have to grab one of the books closest to me, go to page 56, type the fifth line and the next two to five lines that follow.

The first book to hand is One Hundred Demons, a comic book by Lynda Barry. Considering the format, I’m going to show the four panels from the book instead of lines (I hope that’s OK Shon!)

From One Hundred Demons by Lynda Barry

You can get your own copy of One Hundred Demons here.

RULE TWO, I have to pick  five people who love books and who could receive the Bookworm award with honor.  My five picks (in alphabetical order) are:

Arlene Ang

Kristy Bowen

Michaela Gabriel

Pris Campbell

Susan Henderson

Photo Copyright Jasmine Rain H.


Another favorite comic strip:
Stephanie McMillan’s Minimum Security.

Another author who makes me laugh out loud: Laurie Notaro. We Thought You Would Be Prettier is irresistible.

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