What do Miley Cyrus and Lucinda Law have in common?


Photo courtesy of theimproper.com                                     Photo courtesy The Northern Star

Father approved

What does an American teen idol have in common with an Australian vegetarian “independent Christian”? Fathers who approve of, condone and even maneuvered the relationships that their underage daughters are in with older men.

Billy Ray Cyrus told PEOPLE Magazine that his daughter Miley’s relationship with 20-year-old Justin Gaston is “a good thing.”

“Justin’s a good friend. A good friend of the family,” he says. “I met Justin as I was hosting Nashville Star and I introduced the two of them. He’s a good kid. Great heart. Lives for the light and he’s very talented.”

Gaston helped celebrate at Miley’s early sweet sixteen party over
the weekend (her actual birthday is Nov. 23), joining Billy Ray on a
rendition of “Achy Breaky Heart.” The young couple cuddled later that
evening while watching fireworks.

Billy Ray has also said of Gaston, “He actually reminds me a lot of
myself when I was 20 years old and I was living and searching for the
dream,” according to Access Hollywood.

People Magazine

Going farther

Lucinda Law’s relationship is going farther. Lucinda Law is set to marry her boyfriend, Glen Ramsay. Lucinda is 16.
Glen is 26. They say they don’t believe in premarital sex and are
taking their relationship to the next level with the blessing of god.
Well now they have the secular blessing of the court as well. A court
in Lismore has given permission for them to wed.

Mr. Ramsay sounds proud of himself. “We
have a bond and don’t wish to be separated,” he said. “Yes, we both
wish to do missionary work. We have been courting for two years now. We
have a purpose in life.”

They’ve been courting since Lucinda was 14.

16 year old’s dad plays matchmaker

Lucinda’s father is an “elder” with a 25-member band of vegetarian
“independent Christians” who call themselves “Manifold Ministries.” It was Lucinda’s father Glen who introduced them–when Lucinda was 9–and it was her father who played cupid for his daughter; was instrumental in getting his young daughter and her older beau hooked up. “He rang
me and said what do you think about Lucinda?,” says Ramsay, “I hadn’t
thought about her in that way up to that point, but then I grew to
realise that it might not be such a bad idea.”

Mr Law even played cupid after his future son-in-law returned to New Zealand to continue his missionary work.

Realising his daughter was missing Glen he telephoned him and asked what he thought about Lucinda?

Glen quickly returned to Lismore to follow his heart.

The Northern Star

I find that to be incredibly creepy. Lucinda’s dad rings up a grown man to suggest that the grown man have an intimate relationship with his underage daughter?  And the grown man says “Well, I never thought of her that way, but hey, that might not be a bad idea.” Yuck!

Lucinda describe herself as not being a career-driven young woman, but
more a traditionalist; happy not to be a housewife, but a ‘help-meet,’
a phrase from the Bible when God created Eve for Adam to be a help meet.

The proposal

“One night we were watching a documentary on TV, a documentary about
cooking,” Mr Ramsay said. “I’d been thinking about it for weeks and I
just said ‘maybe you should marry me’.”

Ms Law said: “And I said is that a proposal? And he said ‘yes’. And
I fell over backwards and said ‘of course I will’. I’ve never really
been career minded, I’ve always wanted to just be a good wife.

“I don’t know why he chose that moment to ask. Maybe it was
something about the cooking documentary because we bonded over my

“She is an amazing cook and she makes an excellent vegan lasagne,” Mr Ramsay said.


Romantic, huh? But I guess that’s where the “help-meet” description comes in, helping her adult fiance to meet his nutritional and–after the wedding–his other needs.

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