Winter Carnival 2009

Icy dreams of paradise

Saint Paul Winter Carnival 4th Place sculpture, photo courtesy of smugmug
 “Survival” carved by Jarrett Dahl, Ross Inselman, Jordan Dahl.

Don’t worry southern states (I’m looking at you Florida.) I know you have your balmy breezes and tropical trees, sparkling water and sunny skies. A luxurious haze of hedonism haunts your atmosphere.

But I do not think you have a Saint Paul Winter Carnival. I do not think you have Art Shanty Projects or frozen picnics lit by the Aurora Borealis.

The Saint Paul Winter Carnival

The Saint Paul Winter Carnival has ice carving, snow sculpting, a treasure hunt, torch lit parades and “Fire on Ice” racing competition:

Ice racing is a century old sport that got a modern twist with the
unique WIRC closed course oval track. Ice racers from across the U.S.
and around the world will be sailing across the ice in high-performance
12-foot-long DN class ice boats. These boats are very tricky to handle
when it comes to turning and stopping because of the speed and lack of
friction of the steel blades on ice.

Winter Carnival website

Ice skating, an ice maze and an ice palace crown these winter activities.

Art Shanty Projects 2009

Photo courtesy of the Art Shanty Projects

Located on Minnesota’s Medicine Lake, surrounded by ice and heated by
imagination and art, Art Shanty Projects is a “six-week exhibition of performance, architecture, science, art,
video, literature, survivalism and karaoke, ASP is part sculpture park,
part artist residency and part social experiment, inspired by
traditional ice fishing houses that dot the state’s lakes in winter.”

There are plenty of things to do in these freestanding
islands of inspiration dedicated to things as varied and diverse as art
cars, knitting, karaoke, and theater.

Check out the Artcar Parade link and also look at the natives celebrating the temperatures in traditional cold weather attire of undress  (scroll down for the guy in his boxers.)

ASP is open to the public through February 14:
Saturdays 10am – 4:30pm
Sundays 11am – 4:30pm  

Frozen Picnics

Aurora Borealis photo courtesy of Wikipedia

A romantic dinner out on the ice? I didn’t believe it until I went on one myself. Yes, picnics are to be had in the dead of winter and in the dark of the night–right out on the ice. Candlesticks, schmandlesticks. You can’t ask for more romantic lighting than the Aurora Borealis.

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