High Button Boot photo courtesy of Paperblanks
The exuberant fabric and flashy gold buttons
of these boots seem to contradict the concern
for feminine modesty that dictated ankle-concealing
footwear in the late 19th century.
— Paperblanks

Paper Happiness

If you love Paperblanks, like I do, and you didn’t get your favorite day planner this year, like I didn’t, because they were SOLD OUT, then you will find this to be good and helpful news.

Some of the sold out designs can still be found in little pockets across the country. The home office (1-800-277-5887) gave me 6 different stores to call and I found mine on the first call that I made to All the Details (602-370-6819.)

All the Details doesn’t have a website and they don’t take credit cards. The person that I dealt with sent my book immediately–no charge for shipping–and trusted me to send a check.

It took only two days to arrive in Minnesota from Arizona –I just got it today. Features include
dual ribbon markers, memento pouch, and superb binding quality.

perfect fit
Annette Marie Hyder

the days fit my soul like new shoes
that through the years
become thinner
letting me feel the things beneath my feet
that much keener–
the softest grass
the sharpest rock

until that day when i wont need
shoes anymore

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