PMS Buddy: “that time of the month” life enhancer

Photo courtesy of climatesecurity

Like a severe weather warning system

First came MyMonthlyCycles, the site that offers to keep track of your period for you. I like to keep track of my personal stuff, well, personally. But I’m not judging. MyMonthlyCycles sounds like a good and helpful thing for those who can’t keep track of this for themselves, or for those who can but want the ease and convenience of someone else doing it for them:

Use MyMonthlyCycles free personalized tools to track, monitor, and
manage your monthly menstrual cycles!

  • Track your cycle events – periods, symptoms, BBT, breast exams, weight, notes, and so much more!
  • Use calculators to plan and check your key cycle dates:
    next periods, ovulation, fertile days, if you’re late, pregnancy due
    date, many more!
  • Timely reminders about your cycles and upcoming events.
  • Detailed history reports – review your cycles, share with your OB/Gyn.

Now comes, offering to safeguard relationships against the ravages of PMS. They cheerfully enthuse: “ – Saving relationships, one month at a time!”

And this service, because of the premise that there needs to be this network of support and warning–like a severe weather warning system for your monthly cycle–just strikes me as offensive.

Check it out and see what you think:

Welcome to! is a free service created with a single goal in mind: to keep you aware
of when your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter, or any other
women in your life are closing in on “that time of the month” – when things can get intense for what may seem to be no reason at all.

women, this is a great way to give people in your life a heads-up of
when you might be feeling a bit irritable without having an awkward

What’s more, we will not only keep you informed, but will give you some free advice on what to do about it. With, there is no reason to ever be blindsided by PMS again.

Widget? Status alert? Glitter?

What’s next? A widget to add to your blog or website
to alert all and sundry to where you are in your cycle?  A Facebook
status alert? MySpace “pimp your PMS” glitter?

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