February issue of InTheFray Magazine

From the editor’s notebook, issue no. 88, This place is a prison:

In our February issue, InTheFray explores what it is like to be
imprisoned, both by the criminal justice system and by other forces. In
The forgotten victims, Federica Valabrega
tells the story of the families of death row inmates, people whose
suffering is very real, but whose grief is often viewed as
illegitimate, as it is on behalf of a convicted criminal. J.D. Schmid tells another untold story in A day in the life of a public defender, offering us a behind-the-scenes, first-person look at public defense in rural Minnesota.

In his review of Brother One Cell, the story of Cullen Thomas, James Card relates a bit of what it is like to be imprisoned in South Korea. Photographer Anna Weaver shares a series of images titled On the bricks again
that tells the story of Tricia Binette, a recently released prisoner
who is struggling to return to her former life while avoiding the
dangers that previously landed her in prison.

Of course, those of us fortunate enough to escape imprisonment by the
state often battle with the imprisonment of our own psyche. In her
piece Craving freedom, Victoria Witchey tells her jailbreak experience, relating how she escaped from a prison of her own making. Christopher Mulrooney explores themes of imprisonment in his poetry series The luster of pearl and pico rat traps.

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