Terry Pratchett receives knighthood

Photo courtesy of news.sky.com

Sir Terry

BBC News reports:

Author Terry Pratchett has been knighted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace for services to literature.

Sir Terry, 60, was named in the New Year Honours list.
Best known for his hugely popular Discworld series of comic fantasy novels, he has sold more than 55 million books worldwide.

Aged 60, he announced in December 2007 he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He has since campaigned to raise awareness of the condition and improve research funding.

Philosophical humor of the highest order

Sir Terry Pratchett’s books have been translated into 33 languages and have made him a millionaire. He excels at pitch-perfect parody and surreal satire.

I love the entire Discworld series; my favorites are: The Hogfather, Small Gods, Wyrd Sisters (Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax are two of the funniest characters you will ever come across,) The Truth and Night Watch. If you love to laugh out loud, to be endlessly delighted by a clever author’s way with whimsy and to come away from such an escapade inadvertently thinking deep and philosophical thoughts — you should give one of his books a try.

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