Doorway into clouds

 Photo Copyright Jasmine Rain H.

“Hanging around”

Remember, when you were little, hanging over the side of a piece of furniture (maybe your bed or the living room couch) upside down? I loved how that vantage point made door lintels look like steps that needed climbing over and furniture look glued to the “ceiling” of the floor.

Or if you were outside, maybe you’d hang upside down from a swing or the monkey bars or a tree. The sky looked like a deep pool of blue that you could fall into if you let go of your perch.

My daughter and I stopped by the park and she insisted that I hang upside down with her. One of the neat things about having a child is the way they beckon you into a country of delight and discovery that you’ve been to before — but which is always fun to visit again.


Sometimes a change in perspective is just the catalyst needed to cross the threshold of imagination.

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