Michael Jackson dies

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

One of the saddest days in music history

It is being reported everywhere that Michael Jackson has passed away at 50.

TMZ is reporting that:

In the moments following Michael Jackson’s death — so many people rushed to the Internet, that it practically stopped the entire WWW in its tracks.

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, AIM–just a few of the scores of major web sites bombed by a tidal wave of traffic. Most of the sites still worked, but the epically high traffic numbers caused them all to move at a snail’s pace.

The last time the ‘net had this kind of traffic — Obama’s inauguration.

Despite his many astonishingly bad choices over the years, his genius and his creativity demand respect — can’t be ignored. Nor can his desire for the world to be a better place. Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson.

michael jackson
august 29, 1958 – june 25, 2009

Annette Marie Hyder

his feet always jonesing for one more tap
this time he danced right out of this life
so to speak
packed up his glitteragalia for good: sparkly gloves
one to a pair, insignia
plenty to spare
and faces
ever changing

leaving behind
children, songs and scandal
but also something that shimmers
in our collective consciousness —
a signature slide moonwalks through our mind
replays with the haunting sound, something that binds
us in the words and the melody
of we are the world

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