Beauty aces talent at Wimbledon

Image copyright Annette Marie Hyder

Here I am raising my daughter with an emphasis on talent over looks — no baby beauty pageants or child modeling for her. No false equations of beauty with merit.  I do not want her to depend on her looks to get ahead. Activities with the focus on skill and talent rather than pulchritudinous posing are the order of the day. Naturally I am teaching her that when it comes to excellence vs. beauty, excellence is more important.

Well, apparently I’ve been misleading her and excellence is not more important than beauty. At least not if you are a tennis player at Wimbledon. It’s not how good you are proven to be at tennis that gets you center court at Wimbledon — it is how pretty you are considered to be.

Center court schedules are planned around physical appearance rather than athletic ability

The Age is reporting that:

A spokesman from the All England Club, Johnny Perkins, was quoted in the Daily Mail newspaper in London: “Good looks are a factor. ‘It’s not a coincidence that those [on Centre Court] are attractive.”

The following women have all played on Wimbeldon’s hallowed Centre Court in the past week: Maria Sharapova (unseeded, ranked 60th in the world), Gisela Dulko (unseeded), Victoria Azarenka (8th seed), Sorana Cirstea (27th), Caroline Wozniacki, (9th) and Maria Kirilenko (unseeded, ranked 59).

They are hardly household names, but have one thing in common – they’re easy on the eye. Major champions Svetlana Kuznetsova, who won the French Open and is seeded No. 5, and Serena Williams, No. 2, have been pushed to outside courts.

The Daily Mail reports that:

A BBC source said: ‘It’s the Wimbledon play committee, not us who decides on the order of play.’But obviously it’s advantageous to us if there are good-looking women players on Centre Court. It’s not a coincidence that those (on Centre Court) are attractive.’

‘Our preference would always be a Brit or a babe as this always delivers high viewing figures.’

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