Head out the window vs. iPhone weather app

I groaned this morning when I saw, on my iPhone weather app, that it was 8 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I couldn’t believe it! Sure, I live in Minnesota but October is way too early for a cold like that.

I told my daughter, “Better bundle up baby, it’s cold outside!” So we bundled and bulked and larded ourselves with layers against the cold. We topped our layers off with hats and gloves and waddled out the door (all those layers make a person less than agile.) And discovered once we were out there that in fact it was not 8 degrees Fahrenheit — it  was 49 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the way in to dropping Jasmine off at school (and as I experienced the gentle sauna of my many layers) I thought about how sometimes you just can’t improve on the simple low-tech approach. I would have been better off just sticking my head out the window. I don’t know why my weather app was malfunctioning (and I know I’m not the only one to have experienced this problem), but I do know I’ll be utilizing a more primitive approach to determining the outside temperature from now on. It’s called ‘open the window and see.’

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