Image public domain: Betty Grable 1942

Annette Marie Hyder

Absinthe and toadstools
Bat wings and goth
Heavy eyeliner
And all things dark

Cauldrons of candy
A chill in the air
Demons and wicked
Mask painted stares

Widdershins brooms
Aloft on the air
Bogeys and nightmares
Lurk under your chair

Fasten the windows
Douse all the lights
Leave no open ways
For the nicks and the frights

To enter or haunt you
Put you under a spell
Bring water and crosses
Paper and bells

Twirl three times in darkness
But in sight of the moon
Be kind to the shadows
When you enter a room

Criss you and cross you
On Halloween night may you
Have all of the fun
And just some of the fright!

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