“Twin Towers” warship fires 21-gun salute

Photo courtesy BBC News

Steel tested by fire

Transformation on a grand scale, turning something broken and ugly into a symbol of strength and endurance, can be seen in the USS New York.

BBC News reports:

A warship built with steel salvaged from the World Trade Center has arrived in New York City

The USS New York sailed up the Hudson River to near Ground Zero, where it fired a 21-gun salute in tribute to those killed in the 2001 attacks.

It was watched by relatives of 9/11 victims, along with members of the emergency services and the public.

The US Navy is to hold an official commissioning ceremony for the new warship on Saturday.

The New York set off on its maiden voyage from Louisiana, where it was built, nearly three weeks ago.

The bow of the boat contains 7.5 tonnes of melted steel from the fallen buildings of the World Trade Center.

The ship’s crest includes images of the Twin Towers and features the colors of the city departments that first responded to the terrorist attacks in which nearly 3,000 people died.

Read the entire article here.

Read more about the USS New York here.

Image courtesy Wikipedia
Steel from the World Trade Center is poured for construction of the New York.

tow · er (tow´ er)

Annette Marie Hyder
Previously published in The World Healing Book

n. 1. A tall but relatively narrow structure, sometimes a part of a larger building.
Symbols can be built brick by brick erected by blueprint
and blown to bits and kingdom come from bedrocked bottom
(but something remains).

2. Any similar tall structure or object, often erected for a specific use.
Twin Trade’s tall influence cast tower’s likeness
on entire face of earth  like imprint on coin
(coins of the realm tremble — with anxiety, with anticipation — to be spent).

3. A place or thing of security or defense; a citadel.
City of unassailability your columns are crushed, defenses breached;
your flags have been brought to their knees — at half mast
(flags are prostrate with grief, throw themselves across edifices and caskets; drape despondent across shoulders).

4. Formerly, a movable wooden structure from which besiegers stormed a fortress.
Structures can be raised that make terrain of sky. Beliefs fall too
when platforms lose their perch on heaven; topple reeling in ruin, raining
(a hailstorm of bodies).

v.i. 1. To rise or stand like a tower: often with over or above.
Black, white and gray spirits, of mortar, brick and bone, rise suffocating
those who sheltered in their shadow. Sorrows, carrier pigeons, wing their ghostly messages
(to the specter of  war. As for the doves, their feathers are dark; their feathers are white no more).

2. To fly directly upward, as some birds.
Some things rise,
like terror in the throat
and tears that spring to eyes
and hands to hearts laid low by flights
of madness,
like hope
hoisted as a flag
and eyes to heaven humbled
and arms to work at hand

One thought on ““Twin Towers” warship fires 21-gun salute

  1. 9/11 Tribute in Light: a light in the dark, alight in the dark

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia Phantom towers, ghost-lights really Annette Marie Hyder Ignis fatuus, Will-o’-the-wisp flickering lamp of recall two long fingers of light point toward the sky accusatory testament to Twin Tower’s bright fall. Wikipedia lists the Tribute in Light as an art installation of 88 searchlights placed next to the site of the World Trade Center to create two vertical columns of light in remembrance of the September 11 attacks. The installation is confirmed to …


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