You won’t see them

Image Annette Marie Hyder

You won’t see them as you are driving by. You won’t see them if you stop, by the side of the road, and look for them out your window. You have to get out of your car (parking it safely of course). You have to walk into the woods that linger still, even in residential areas. And when you have walked into the woods a bit and away from the civilized tarmac, you will see them.

They will be floating gently on the surface of a gray mirror pool. They will be living their lives quietly, cleaning their feathers, or diving for food. Geese. Geese that have yet to fly south for the winter, the early Sunday light surrounds them in an autumn cocoon.

There is a stirring excitement in seeing geese vee across the sky, honking as loudly as a truck and as madly as a cab. And there is also a way that geese on water can reflect nature, reversed like in a mirror backwards — showing how really small worries can be when set next to calm serenity.

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