LED fashion from the tips of your lashes to the toes of your feet

The season to shine

With the holidays right around the corner, parties to go to and dressing up to be done, “What to wear?” is in the air. (Disclaimer: The fashion items featured below will either find you hailed as an iconoclastic trend setter or howled at in derision.)

You can literally light up the room in this LED Galaxy Dress by CuteCircuit:

Photo courtesy of J.B. Spector/Museum of Science and Industry

Not only will CuteCircuit’s mesmerizing Galaxy Dress let you light up the room, but you will be doing so with sustainable energy: 24,000 full-color LEDs. Source

As you dance through the night

You can leave a trail of light with your LED Alina shoes with clear Cinderella heels that shimmer and glow in bewitching colors:

Trendhunter reports:

They come in different heel shapes, from wedges to stilettos, and each pair is capable of glowing in red, green or blue as each shoe has three LEDs.  Best of all, they start as low as $30!

Throughout the evening

As you laugh, flirt, and bat your lashes you can enchant with your own version of Artist Soomi Park’s LED Eyelash project:

YouTube video

the light of the party
Annette Marie Hyder

tinsel-like traceries of LED
chandelier your dress
as you dance on balls of light
and mimic sunrise-sunset with every bat
of your prism trimmed lashes

you look like an angel
the light-up kind
that sits atop the Christmas tree

you are the ornament
to the evergreen of festivity

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