Lacy things

Image courtesy Tatting for Beginners

Sometimes the whitest snow falls from the bluest sky as the sun sinks slowly carrying its shoulder-load of lit firewood and casting a glow both pink and orange over the cold fields. Night is coming and the moon will dance in the empty ballroom of the sky which will be lit by a myriad celestial candles as she twirls all alone and as the night deepens she will dance and dance, becoming fainter and more ethereal — until she resembles the snowflakes that mirror her from below.

moss diamond snow
on a cold patterned night

Annette Marie Hyder

a delicate tatting of snow
covers the fields below
and a triple-cast black dye surrounds
the lace doily moon in the sky


Knitting Stitch Patterns: Moss Diamond
Knitting on the net
Shuttle Tatting instructions

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