What makes me happy about this picture?

Photo taken at Barnes & Noble, Minnetonka, MN

Three things

  • Look at how many Rolling Stone magazines there are.
  • Notice how this issue’s cover “model” is not moving the mags here in Minnesota — at least at the book stores I’ve been to.
  • Observe the pristine, untouched appearance of the magazine. No dog ears. No sign of being picked up and leafed through — no indication of interest at all.

Except by me. And my interest is of a documenting sort. I am happy to have been able to capture these gleefully observed indications of what I’d like to call “Mayer-malaise”.

John Mayer’s clownish, misogynist comments about women make him eminently worthy of disdain.  His posturing (he’s been trying to position himself as heart-breaker extraordinaire and Jennifer Aniston life-ruiner) makes him eye-rollingly ridiculous. I bet Jennifer Aniston, in the privacy of her home, is tossing her signature locks in abandoned joyous celebration at being free of the pathetic attention-cubus that is John Mayer.

In the Rolling Stone interview, John Mayer talks about masturbation, trying to find someone he can admire more than he admires himself, and how he can’t fathom explaining himself to somebody who can’t believe he’d be interested in them (this after he disingenuously talks about girls brushing him off at clubs).

I picture a cartoon of a soulful looking parrot with a guitar over its feathered shoulder and one claw around its feathered man part. The parrot is in a cage. The door to the cage is wide open. The bird is too preoccupied to fly away. It is peering into a round bird-mirror which is clipped to the inside of the cage and the parrot is squawking — “I want you!” —  to the rapturous image before its love-struck eyes.

Links of interest

John Mayer’s Dirty Mind, Lonely Heart: February issue of Rolling Stone
Jezebel has five theories on the singer’s ‘interior life…or lack thereof’

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