October issue of InTheFray Magazine

This month’s issue of InTheFray Magazine has two poems by Imagine contributor, Andrej Hočevar, poet and critic from Ljubljana, Slovenia. His publications include four books of poetry, essays, and numerous reviews, both of poetry and music.These two poems were translated from Slovene by the American poet Laura Solomon with Andrej Hočevar.

As we go into the darker months of the year

Mr. Hočevar writes in Getting Used to the Light:

There’s November in everything, cold air affixing to tough skin like curious fingers… (read more )

In The Sun is Shining Above Europe, he muses:

I’m still walking on damp sand
flat-footedly pressing upon the history

of the sea. Clouds are shedding from my body.
The day already fuller than usual

and the light lets its petals
fall all over your neck.

Previously I saw people carrying
thick bouquets of leeks, big as a meter.

Now the cold is spilling over the city
and outside on the doorknob

hangs a bag with two leeks,
upright and more ordinary in size… (read more )

Also in this issue

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