Ghost in the machine

The Power of Prayer
Annette Marie Hyder

My friend tells me his theory
that when we pray we are talking not only to the divine
but also to ourselves
because he believes
that there is a “ghost in the machine
and that we are encrypted on a cellular level
with something of a deity.
I think he is right
in some ways.
Certainly there is enough worship of self
there are enough people like candles candescent with aching
for celestial celebrity the equivalent
it would seem
in our society
to immortality.
But that wannabe goddish glow —
that’s not what he means.
Can I direct my subconscious activity with neural consequences
like a yogi, like a master, like a symphonic conductor
wave my prayer like a baton —
indicating for my self and that which is incorporeal
within me (should it actually exist) —
the tempo/direction?
Angel, in Greek, has the meaning of messenger.
Can I send synapses
to do my bidding via angelic “messengers” of auto suggestion?
Self determination is a powerful concept.
Belief is a tenuous thing
of great strength.
Is god not only “in the details” so to speak
but ultimately in the metaphors I use as “keys
to the kingdom” of me?

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