Mom is tech savvy now and I miss her cell phone voicemail innocence

Lucile Ball image: Public Domain

Mom’s messages

I miss the way that my mom used to leave messages on my cell phone voicemail. Accustomed to leaving messages on an answering machine, her messages would go like this:

“Hello? This is
Mother. If you’re there, pick up the phone.”
 (Pause to allow me to pick up the phone.)
“Can you hear me? Hello?
Pick up the phone if you’re there, Annette.”
(Another patient pause to allow me to access the phone.)
” Hello?” Then, in an aside to
Stanley, her husband, “I don’t think she can hear me.”
(Sound of phone call being ended.)

I wish I had saved one of those recordings. So cute!

Spring forward

She called last night and left a flawlessly executed message on my cell phone voicemail reminding me to “spring forward” this weekend. So I’m passing the reminder along.

Beautiful extra hour of sleep, you too will be missed!

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