Raindrops dance in the air

“Look how the raindrops dance in the air,” he says. The raindrops are
arrested in their momentum. The wind blows just so, tilting into the
rain so that instead of falling, the raindrops — just as he says —

It’s a beautiful image and a striking way of expressing
the observation of said image. I want more of his poetry and tell him he
should write the line down and write a poem. He tells me he makes
poetry every day. I say, “I want to read it!” He says, “You have to hear
it instead. I don’t write any of it down.”

He told me the line was for me, but I am writing it down for him. You never know, he might want it some day: “Raindrops dance in the air.”

Your Poem

Annette Marie Hyder

Cloud cover, rain and thunder
make me snuggle under
the blankets deeper.
Your words are thick like rainclouds
and make me thirst for storms.

I want to wind myself in them
be wrapped up in their cocoon
and I’m not coming out
until the poem is over.

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