There’s a full moon, look out your window!

Calming touch
Annette Marie Hyder

The same full moon
that lays her hands
on the waves
calming the sea —
that same full moon
lays her hands on me.

Full Thunder Moon or Full Buck Moon

Live Science reports:

“The seventh full moon of 2011 will rise around sunset this week, and
it’ll offer a double treat as it appears pretty much the same when it
rises both Thursday and Friday evenings.

July’s full moon is known as the Full Buck Moon,
because it comes at the time of year when new antlers push out from the
foreheads of buck deer. The moniker dates back to the Native American
tribes that once lived in the northern and eastern United States.

Other names for July’s full moon include the Full Thunder Moon, because
thunderstorms are frequent in the summertime, and the Full Hay Moon”

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