Red Shoes, Dolls, and Merrow Trees

By Annette Marie Hyder

Some day my impulsivity, my spontaneity, will be the storybook red shoes that dance my feet right off of me.

I am not the handless maiden, but I might as well just be, for all the grasp I have wearing gloves of naivety.

In the courtyard of my thoughts, a tree lined twisting maze, there is an Ariadne thread. I find it in your gaze.

Sometimes given context dolls are scary things; after all, they started out as idols and the kind of gods that let you carry them are likely full of pins.

I am more inclined to seek the benediction of your smile than look for hope in talismans or relics full of  guile.

In a forest full of merrow trees there is the underwater sheen of moon kissed waves that lave the very heart of dream.

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