sweep me away

By Annette Marie Hyder

snowflakes dance outside my window
kiss the cold glass pane
like moths drawn to a flame
they melt in a fatal embrace

the steam from my breath
on my frosty windowpane
makes my mind’s eye see
the heat rise off your skin
like morning mist off the sea

and you are like a merman
in the depths you can reach
the things you can teach
I just want to be caught
in your nets, in your arms, in your charms

sweep me away
to crystal caves
beneath the waves
and regale me with stories
written in the smallest of pearls
on the rarest abalone
kept in chests sunk long years ago

just pull me down with you
we’ll breath as one, we two
I wont want for gills
because I’ll be with you

Plate Spinner

By Annette Marie Hyder

You are not the kind of guy
who likes to eat off one plate
no matter how fine the shine
delicate the bone china
or inscrutable the design.
You want the whole china cabinet
the plates, large dinner and small dessert
the bowls and cups and saucers too
even the gravy boat are taken out and used.

You are a plate spinner
and a tablecloth trick sinner.

I am just determined
not to be one of those sparkling pieces
of porcelain
spinning dizzily like crazy
and destined for the floor.