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Shawn Lovell Metalwork Bed

The Princess and the Pea
By Annette Marie Hyder

The proverbial pea
was all in her head
and made up of angst
and the feeling of dread
that was the hard teratoma
of spring time one hour
leaping ahead.

Fiddling with the cogs and wheels of time itself (or at least the signs of time we use to find our way through our days) on March 11, 2012

Did you do it? Did you metaphorically jump, skip and bound ahead (aka “spring forward”) in “celebration” of the day we are supposed to turn our clocks forward one hour? Or did you just “spring-roll” it? Roll over in bed whilst all of your timekeeping devices automatically adjusted things for you?

I’m walking through a discordant world right now (one in which the Doctor* might find himself at home), in which two sets of time tick the seconds, minutes and hours away. They discordantly vie for timekeeping supremacy. The self-setting computer, iphone and assorted automated gadgetry are all in alignment with society at large and all I had to do was roll out of bed to be included in the perception that it is an hour later than my more anachronistic set of alarm clock, microwave clock and stove-top clock would have it. For those resistant rogues I am required to manually set them to reflect the generally accepted agreement of just what tock ‘o the clock it is.

Links of interest on the subject of time and daylight saving time:

Occam’s Razor and the Illusion of Time:

“One of the more controversial theories — which increasingly is being accepted by these theoretical physicists — is that which we call time is just an illusion. A lot of people feel the same way but physicists like Greene say it can be inferred from Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. Past, present and future are all equally real and timeless. But what is real? It is apparently not what we think, at least according to physicists like Greene. Space is real. Mass and energy are real. Gravity is real. But time is probably just an illusion.” Read more here

Is Time An Illusion? From the Buddha to Brian Greene: Read the NPR article by Adam Frank here.

Occam’s Razor at Wikipedia
Daylight Saving Time is a Modern Invention
Mythbusting Daylight Saving Time at Gizmodo

*David Tennant for the win!

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