Spring Thrush!

May 2012 Thrush Poetry Journal
ISSN 2164-7933

The May 2012 issue of Thrush is now online. I have three poems in this issue, Weather Report: Foggy, Rainy, Dark, Everglade drifting, and Sunday Things: Lake Calhoun. Check it out here.

Celebrate spring by reading Thrush. It’s filled with fabulous poetry and the name of the journal itself is just fun to say: T-H-R-U-S-H-!

Spring rain

It rained last night and the drops are still scattered on my window panes. The rain kisses all things mundane and beautiful, from roses to blacktop. Maybe that is one of the reasons we want to tip our faces into the rain, to be a part of the benediction.

Link of Interest

Listen to the sound of thrush song here:

“Many people consider thrushes the most beautiful-sounding songbirds
in North America. Birders describe their songs as “airy,” “flutelike”
and “haunting.” Each species of thrush has a distinctive pattern to its
song.” wildmusic.org

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