Summer Sky: Pixel and Verse

Macalester  College sky, seen while reclining on the rolling lawn by Carnegie Hall. Photo Copyright Jasmine Rain Hyder

summer sky
By Annette Marie Hyder


the clouds are deckle edged paper
letting the light shine through in layers
tinted by the watercolors of the rains they’re painted with


white clouds billow in the breeze
i’m making a tent
under the summer sheets
hanging on the clothesline sky
i’ll come out when i am ready
(when the day calls me in for dinner)
and you will see me by and by

early evening

a long line of white birds
gets lost against the equally white clouds
becoming hint and vague suggestion
of flight in the sky where such things —
floating, flying — are so ordinary as to fade into invisibility right before your eyes
if you allow yourself to have a blind eye to the commonplace
i look beneath the surface line between nothingness and splendor
unwrapping wonder as i go