Update: Summer 2012 issue of Twilight Times


Prizes, puzzles, scavenger hunt and treasure hunt coming September 1st.

Twilight Times Books will offer contests and a chance to win free ebooks in the coming weeks.

Celebrating fourteen years as a publisher.


The treasure hunt contest will run from Sept 1st until midnight EDT September 30, 2012.

in a scavenger hunt as well as a treasure hunt for “jewels” scattered
amongst our authors’ web sites or blogs. The jewels (a small .jpg image)
will be on the first page of the author’s web site or blog.
A list of participating authors will be provided on Sept. 1st

  Treasure hunt — Correctly match a jewel with the author (jewel is located on the author’s web site/blog). 20 points

  Scavenger Hunt — correctly match a phrase from an author’s web site/blog with the author. 20 points

All valid Treasure Hunt contest entries are eligible for drawing.
Winners will be announced October 10th.


First Place: B&N Nook Color and $50 Gift Voucher

Second Place: Kindle Fire and $35 Gift Voucher

Third Place: Google Nexus Tablet and $25 Gift Voucher

Fourth Place: Basket of 12 print books (Retail value $150.00+). Winner’s choice of selections from historical/literary, humor, mystery, SF/F or YA baskets.

Fifth Place: Basket of 12 ebooks (Retail value $75.00). Winner’s choice of selections from historical/literary, humor, mystery, SF/F or YA baskets.

Note:  Void where restricted or
prohibited. Twilight Times Books authors, staff and their immediate
families are not eligible to participate in the drawing for the B&N
Nook Color, Kindle Fire or Google Nexus Tablet. If a prize cannot be
sent to a winner due to limited availability, territory and/or customs
restrictions, we will offer that winner additional options.

Be sure to follow these simple rules, which are required for your Treasure Hunt contest entry to be valid:

1. Print the entry form* and fill in the requested info. Scan and email the completed entry form to
no earlier than September 1st.

2. Email the completed form by midnight EDT September 30, 2012

3. One entry per individual

4. Maximum limit of 120 points per entry

Note: entry form will be available on September 1st. *You may copy and paste your completed entry form into the body of an email message.


Update 7/23/2012

An exciting contest is coming from Twilight Times Books!

Twilight Times Books is giving away a Kindle Fire, B&N Nook and Google Nexus Tablet
along with gift certificates and/or a “basket” of print books and a
“basket” of ebooks as prizes.

I’ll post contest rules and updates on this page and link to the contest page when it is open to the public.


The summer 2012 issue of Twilight Times is now available and I’m one of the featured poets! Read my poem, “Pandora’s Rebuttal’, inspired by the Greek myth of Pandora’s creation in Hesiod’s Works and Days, here.

Other poems of mine that have appeared in Twilight Times include: “Archetype Enablers”, “Day Longs for Night”, “Loki Confesses”, and “Tears of the Moon.”

If you enjoy the fiction, short fiction, and poetry you read in Twilight Times, then you’ll also enjoy the critically acclaimed Literary, Mystery and SF/F books published by  Twilight Times Books. Twilight Times Books is listed in the Writer’s Digest 2012 Top 100 Markets for Book & Magazine Writers.

Happy summer reading!

Summer is Packing Her Things

By Annette Marie Hyder

Summer is packing her things,
her short dresses and long days,
her souvenirs, snow globes, shot glasses,
and Instagrams.
Golden tans are rolled up like hosiery
and tucked into the spaces between
the neatly folded alfresco dining
and the lamp-lit pathways that shimmer
like lingerie.

Bare feet come running for the chance
to go with her too
but the bare feet are turned away and told
to go put something on.

She has braided her wild Medusa hair
into one long thick braid that hisses as she walks,
tongue flicks as she sways this way and that
picking up the last small things to carry away with her —
the smell of sunshine,
the taste of wild,
and the feel of freedom —
small things that mean so much.

The giant wrought iron bird cage in the center of the room
filled with summer romance birds
is pulled to the window, its ornate door is opened,
and she sets all the summer romances free
to fend for themselves out in the wild, poor pretty things.

She wears all the flowers, all the flowers of summer, in her hair
and even the snakes are
quiet now in the midst of their perfume
as she places one small perfect
seashell on the nightstand,
a tip for the hard working maid who will
find it,
carry it in her pocket ever after as a good luck charm
for the way that it sings to her.

As for Summer, the smell of suntan lotion is all she leaves behind her
on the chilly air.

Art along the Central Corridor


emaining 2012 Workshop Dates:
August 25
October 6
November 10

Register Here


Check out Irrigate!

“Irrigate is an artist-led creative placemaking initiative spanning the
six miles of the Central Corridor Light Rail line in Saint Paul during
the years of its construction. This is a unique opportunity that brings
together huge infrastructure development, a high concentration of
resident artists on both ends of the corridor, a diverse ethnic and
cultural mix among the neighborhoods, and a city with a strong track
record of artist community engagement. This artist-led community and
economic development approach emphasizes cross-sector collaboration with
local private and non-profit sectors. By mobilizing artists to
engage in their community, Irrigate will change the landscape of the
Central Corridor with color, art, surprise, creativity and fun.
Springboard for the Arts

From the Irrigate project:

“Do you dance in the dark, exhibit in galleries, sell
at shows, get called for commissions, or create visions in your living
room?  Maybe you’re known in the collectors’ world, or by your
neighbors, or only by a select few in your family…but you are an artist!

Artists of
any level, experience or discipline – who live, work or have a personal
investment in the Central Corridor Light Rail Transit (CCLRT)
neighborhoods* – are invited to a complimentary training on placemaking
and cross-sector collaboration.  Use your creative talents to have an
impact on your neighborhood, your local businesses, and the light rail
corridor.  After completing the training, artists will be eligible to
apply for collaborative placemaking project support through a simple and
speedy application process.


  • You consider yourself an artist.
  • You live, work or have a personal investment in at least one of the CCLRT neighborhoods.
  • You want to learn about placemaking and working cross-sector.


  • Free training on placemaking and collaboration tools.
  • New connections to neighborhood resources and other artists.
  • Eligibility to apply for
    collaborative placemaking project support (up to $1000 per eligible
    artist/per project up to a maximum of $3,000)

New dates for 2012

July 28, August 25

All workshops are on Saturdays, 8:30am-5pm, located on or near the CCLRT.  Artists need only take one workshop.  

* CCLRT neighborhoods are: St. Anthony Park, Hamline Midway, Frogtown, Downtown, Summit-University and Union Park. “

Placemaking Workshops Registration Form

Buying Flowers for My Aunt

By Annette Marie Hyder

I am most drawn to the white ones, ghostly and pure
stripped of any mark of jubilant color
modest and un-encroaching in their vases demure,

feel insulted by the busy pinks, the glad yellows,
as well as the arrangements that I can’t afford but really prefer.
I conflate thoughts of her beautiful face with the very idea of flower

and the wan and washed out whites speak to me even more.
This will be the first occasion I have ever gotten flowers for my aunt.
Eunice would have liked them had I thought to get them for her I am sure.

I think of buttercups, whoops-a-daisies, crowns of flowers
she made with me, of following her small waist and long brown hair
through a meadow crowded with cheering throngs of flowers

and how hard I cried when she left to go to England
the end of the world and the loss of  her to me
but she came back and for most of the time there was I lived my life

without letters and phone calls, without bouquets of flowers
without reconnecting with my favorite aunt for reasons that still
aren’t clear to me. Now she is gone to a farther shore than England’s

and petals might as well be wishes filled with futility —
free-falling confetti that floats on the dull air and drifts to land
in tremulous piles of if-onlys at my feet. My bowed head is not

reverentially tilted but keened to the posture of regret
and if petals were wishes I’d pluck every last one
just to wish for the chance to let her see

how her temper, her laughter and mischief, her kindness
and crossness and cuteness bloom forever
as a flower of love, for her inside of me.

the moonlight

By Annette Marie Hyder

falls like white ribbons through the dark
ties the trees up like presents and curls
along the ground in shades of blue
twists in such a way that makes me want
to see you wrapped in moonbeams too