Update: Summer 2012 issue of Twilight Times


Prizes, puzzles, scavenger hunt and treasure hunt coming September 1st.

Twilight Times Books will offer contests and a chance to win free ebooks in the coming weeks.

Celebrating fourteen years as a publisher.


The treasure hunt contest will run from Sept 1st until midnight EDT September 30, 2012.

in a scavenger hunt as well as a treasure hunt for “jewels” scattered
amongst our authors’ web sites or blogs. The jewels (a small .jpg image)
will be on the first page of the author’s web site or blog.
A list of participating authors will be provided on Sept. 1st

  Treasure hunt — Correctly match a jewel with the author (jewel is located on the author’s web site/blog). 20 points

  Scavenger Hunt — correctly match a phrase from an author’s web site/blog with the author. 20 points

All valid Treasure Hunt contest entries are eligible for drawing.
Winners will be announced October 10th.


First Place: B&N Nook Color and $50 Gift Voucher

Second Place: Kindle Fire and $35 Gift Voucher

Third Place: Google Nexus Tablet and $25 Gift Voucher

Fourth Place: Basket of 12 print books (Retail value $150.00+). Winner’s choice of selections from historical/literary, humor, mystery, SF/F or YA baskets.

Fifth Place: Basket of 12 ebooks (Retail value $75.00). Winner’s choice of selections from historical/literary, humor, mystery, SF/F or YA baskets.

Note:  Void where restricted or
prohibited. Twilight Times Books authors, staff and their immediate
families are not eligible to participate in the drawing for the B&N
Nook Color, Kindle Fire or Google Nexus Tablet. If a prize cannot be
sent to a winner due to limited availability, territory and/or customs
restrictions, we will offer that winner additional options.

Be sure to follow these simple rules, which are required for your Treasure Hunt contest entry to be valid:

1. Print the entry form* and fill in the requested info. Scan and email the completed entry form to
no earlier than September 1st.

2. Email the completed form by midnight EDT September 30, 2012

3. One entry per individual

4. Maximum limit of 120 points per entry

Note: entry form will be available on September 1st. *You may copy and paste your completed entry form into the body of an email message.


Update 7/23/2012

An exciting contest is coming from Twilight Times Books!

Twilight Times Books is giving away a Kindle Fire, B&N Nook and Google Nexus Tablet
along with gift certificates and/or a “basket” of print books and a
“basket” of ebooks as prizes.

I’ll post contest rules and updates on this page and link to the contest page when it is open to the public.


The summer 2012 issue of Twilight Times is now available and I’m one of the featured poets! Read my poem, “Pandora’s Rebuttal’, inspired by the Greek myth of Pandora’s creation in Hesiod’s Works and Days, here.

Other poems of mine that have appeared in Twilight Times include: “Archetype Enablers”, “Day Longs for Night”, “Loki Confesses”, and “Tears of the Moon.”

If you enjoy the fiction, short fiction, and poetry you read in Twilight Times, then you’ll also enjoy the critically acclaimed Literary, Mystery and SF/F books published by  Twilight Times Books. Twilight Times Books is listed in the Writer’s Digest 2012 Top 100 Markets for Book & Magazine Writers.

Happy summer reading!