Happy Labor Day 2012!

Photo credit Annette Marie Hyder.

What do delicious, delicious cookies have to do with Labor Day? I made these cookies for our Labor Day picnic! And here’s a Labor Day poem:

Here’s to
By Annette Marie Hyder

the hands and hearts behind
brick stacked monuments
that tickle the belly of the sky
that make airplanes and by default people
take to the air and fly;
that put together the Rubik’s cube of motors
that make the cars, trucks, and motorcycles roar
that mold and shape and tinker and touch
the lives we lead and more.
Their fingers point forwards the future,
paint the Internet in colors that leak and bleed
into the commerce and into the tea of people overseas
and every thing these workers do
in whatever sphere they choose
comes together like a hand-clasped circle
comprising me and you, and you, and you, and you.

celebrate the workers of the world today, the underpaid, overworked who
make our lives easier and more comfortable. Let’s celebrate by
increasing the minimum wage, cutting back the workweek to four days, and
allowing for joy and love to replace fatigue and busy-ness that eats
everyone’s lives. Let’s celebrate by reducing the terrible gap between
the rich and the poor in our nation. Happy Labor Day!
— Pam Uschuk

Link to history of Labor Day