Wayfinding art bikes

Clockwise from top right: Garden Bike, Amy Sparks’ Yarn Bomb Bike, Pink Cadillac Bike. Photos by Kristal Leebrick

Sweet new rides in the Creative Enterprise Zone

Here’s a link to a swell project that was proposed by local artist and environmental designer, Carrie Christensen, and set in motion by the St. Anthony Park Community Council (SAPCC): These bikes are the bomb.

Article excerpt:

To motivate people to get out of their cars and to explore the area surrounding the Central Corridor by bike or on foot, the St. Anthony Park neighborhood in St. Paul is getting nearly a dozen “wayfinding bikes.

As a part of the project, the artfully decorated bikes/public art pieces
will be strategically placed here and there, with signage that conveys
travel times and distances to certain local destinations, according to
council materials.


St. Anthony Park Community Council
(SAPCC) set the project in motion, which local artist and environmental
designer Carrie Christensen took on. Her focus is on sparking
“awareness of place and to create more ecologically, socially, and
economically functional spaces,” according to council materials.

One bike looks like it could be from the 1930s or 40s, with fin-like lines that resemble an old Cadillac car, she says.

Bikes will be adorned according to various themes, creating a mermaid, garden, rainbow and yarn bombing, among others.” Read the entire article here

Keep a look out for these bikes as you explore Saint Anthony Park.
Take photos of the bikes you find and post them to our Facebook page! (I’d love to see a Wicked Witch of the West bike for Halloween.)

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