Happy World Book Day 2013!

Grace reading at Howth Bay by Sir William Orpen

When we first moved to Florida we lived close enough to the library to walk there every day. Although we could walk there every day, we did not. We didn’t walk there every day because when we went to the library, we were not messing around. My mom, my older sister Terry, my older brother Tommy, and myself, we all checked out as many books as we could carry plus one or two that my baby brother Teddy picked out. Picture us loaded down with books, looking like tiny ants, a mighty “convoy”, carrying words/worlds inside of books that tottered above our heads.

I remember struggling to walk back home, my arm muscles trembling, using my peripheral vision to (no hope of peeping over the top of my mini-mountain of books) navigate and having my proprioception fully engaged in balancing my hoard, not wanting to drop even one because then I would have to have them re-stacked and I knew from experience they would feel even heavier once I dropped them. The smell of old books mixed with the sweet smell of mangoes as I made my way, each step propelled by anticipation and buoyed by satisfaction.

I am giving a big thank you to my mom on this World Book Day, for arms that ached for the books they carried in the making of a bibliophile. Happy World Book Day, ya’ll!

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And one more thing!

World Book Day is also the perfect day to remind you that you can purchase my book, The Real Reason the Queen Hated Snow, from Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and other fine book sellers. It’s also available as an ebook for Nook or Kindle