Turning a (n accidentally) blind eye

Today is Poem in Your Pocket Day. So, for fun I took a photo of mine and used a photo filter on it (made it darker and grittier looking) and added text (Got a poem in your pocket?). I cropped the photo too and added a photoshopped back pocket of poetry chapboooks. So far, so good. It was fun and easy and made me smile and I posted it to my blog.

When my daughter saw it she asked me, “Does that say “fag”?”
I looked at it and said, “No. Where do you think you saw that?”
“Right there,” she said pointing to the bottom right corner and the word “fag” that I had never laid seeing eyes on before.

In all the times I had looked at that photo I had never noticed that word. What I saw and what stuck out for me even when she was pointing it out to me was the word “joy” right above it.

I took the photo down and left the text portion of the Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day post up. It might seem like an insignificant event, but it really brings home to me the way that we can be blind, unintentionally blind but blind all the same, to things that happen to be right around and/or near us. It makes me wonder about all the other things I might be turning a (n accidentally) blind eye to.

Here are the before and after photos. I’m posting them with explanation and to illustrate my experience in unintentionally letting the “f” word fly in one of my posts. I think the filter I put on the photo and the cropping made the word pop out even more. Sorry!