Gaia the Giver

By Annette Marie Hyder

She speaks in sign language.
I’m a giver
, she signs
proffering roses and champagne,
chocolates, diamonds, and soft sandy beaches.
Whatever you need, I’ve got it, she finger swaggers.
I’ll be your shelter, your garden,
your waterfalls and soaring peaks.

She pulls mountains out of nowhere
(just to show she can)
and wears them voluptuously,
drapes rivers and seas sensuously
around her figure.
She silently calls deer, rabbits, and foxes
to run and play in her hair.

She dances through space, some say,
but others say she swims —
a blue and green mermaid
who gave her voice, long ago, to have legs
walk upon her surface.

Happy Earth Day 2013!