Sunday Things: Persephone

Image courtesy of Poetic Wanderlust

And Birds and Bees
By Annette Marie Hyder

Did you see Persephone come in the night
with her long dark hair floating behind her
like waters unbound
and her ghost-white feet rocking the cradles of roots
with every step she took?

Were you awake this morning when her hair reflected
every color of every flower
like a myriad butterflies
and there were wings, trembling in their newness,
in their eagerness, growing from her ankles just above her feet?

Did you hear the hum of the bees, the twitter of birds
that circled, jewels with beaks and stingers that laced around her neck?
Did you feel your back stretch as if you too had wings to unfurl,
and flowers to wake and words to write
with the sharp edge of a roses’ thorn or the quick dart of bee’s sting?

Capture your colors while you may and run and laugh and sing and play
spring is here and likewise so are you.

(NaPoWriMo day 28)

One thought on “Sunday Things: Persephone

  1. The first day of spring is a cold kissed day

    Distorted Gravity Surreal Photography by Anka Zhuravlevaa cold kissed dayBy Annette Marie Hyderthat leaves the sky’s throat blueand the air goose-bumpedjust as ifshe is thinking of you too –your long brown haircashmere for her throatyour fat fingersto button up her coatof warmthin your armsyesi’m sure of itthe day is filledwith thoughts of you.Happy first day of spring 2014!Links of interestAnd Birds and Bees (poem)Happy first day of spring 2013! (poem)Come Spring (poem) …


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