Where it belongs

Head In the Clouds by Miruna Ivanescu

Where it belongs,
By Annette Marie Hyder

right up there with the birds and with the rain
before it even falls.

It’s hard to get your head out of the clouds
if that’s where it intrinsically belongs.

Forgiveness Finds Me

By Annette Marie Hyder

Forgiveness finds me
For you
Has been seeking me out
Hard on the scent of my betrayal
Like a hound you set on me
Faithful and undeterred
Forgiveness followed me
Saw through my every ruse and trick
And me
Thinking I am a clever fox
Doubling back and hiding my tracks
Crossing the most barren land
And the greenest flecked bog
To shake you
Here you are anyway with your
Hands on me soothing my ruffled pride
That wouldn’t let me see
How fine your fingers
Combing out the brambles would feel to me
And forgiveness, your faithful hound
Has been shut outside the door
Because we don’t need him anymore.


Photo of Marilyn Monroe by André de Dienes

This world surely shapes us
By Annette Marie Hyder

as do our senses.
What manner of creature we?
If we could not hear, or taste,
or smell, or see?

Thundercloud Day

By Annette Marie Hyder
(earlier today)

Godiva sleeps curled up like a doughnut of cute.
The slow back and forth sandpaper sound
of her kitty snores
on a thundercloud day and the way
that my daughter’s fingers tap her keyboard
like a fast rain shower
are cozy sounds that make me smile as I write.

Sunday Things: Seventeen

When my daughter, Jasmine Rain, was born, my mom planted a jasmine bush in her back yard. I wish we could all have a tree, a bush, a plant of some kind planted for us when we are born. I think it would create a connection to the earth, to the world around, above and below us — with a sense of ourselves in between and touching both clouds and roots simultaneously — that we don’t see very often.

That bush has perfumed the air and delighted the eye for 17 years now. It weathered Hurricane Charley that came through in 2004. My mom had to rebuild her home but the jasmine stood out of the direct path of the storm and roots clutching earth for all they were worth it stayed put. It is an everyday bouquet and thriving reminder for my mom of her granddaughter so many miles away but always in her thoughts. I like that very much.

It was my daughter’s birthday this weekend and as she turned 17, I know it may sound silly to you but, I was wishing her eponymous plant happy birthday too.

Here is a link to a poem that I wrote that describes, in a small way how I feel about this
beautiful girl who continues to inspire delight and joy in my every day
of being privileged to be her mother:
Jasmine Rain’s Poem

As I commented to a friend, I do have other poems I’ve written for Jasmine. But this is one I am
“allowed” to share with the world. it is a funny thing, she likes to
keep the poems I write for her for herself and prefers that no one else
gets to see them.
She has also claimed poems that were not even written for her, asked if she could have them. What is a mother to say to such a request? Of course I give them to her.

I wish for my daughter the strength of her namesake’s roots, gifts like that of its blossoming, and happiness like that of its thriving.