Wine aged by the sea

Calling all sommeliers! Check this out from NewsDaily:

“CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — A California winery on Tuesday recovered four
cases of Cabernet Sauvignon that were submerged in Charleston Harbor
three months ago in the first phase of an experiment to determine the
effect of ocean aging on wine.

Divers recovered four yellow steel cages containing the
wine that was put in 60 feet of water back in February by the Mira
Winery of St. Helena, Calif.

Jim “Bear” Dyke Jr., the Charleston resident who owns the winery, says the wine will now be sampled and chemically analyzed.

Later this year, he said, more wine will be submerged
in the harbor for twice as long as the winery continues to experiment
with ocean aging.” Read the entire story here.

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Glinkle and Clink
By Annette Marie Hyder

The tinkle and plink you hear
is the glinkle and clink
of mermaids
toasting and drinking
a case of fine wine
left at the bottom of the sea.
Surely, they told each other
when they swam up on it,
This offering is for we three!

And the wine that got hauled
to land after that
was not as it appeared to be.
Those bottles were filled right up to the top,
when they opened them back on the shore,
with tears from the mermaids
which they cried upon seeing

that the fine wine was no more.