Happy Mo(o)nday!

Moon montage by Rhonda Griscti

Cold Shoulder
By Annette Marie Hyder

The moon’s been giving me the cold shoulder
ever since you’ve been gone.
She deliberately turns her back
and pulls her shine in close
she even used the dimmer switch
to turn the stars down low
causing me to stub (painfully) my big toe
in the darkness of all things in nature
conspiring, it seems, to make me miss you.
They all try their best
to outshine each other
when you are there to impress.

Early childhood infection

Bedtime Story surreal photography by Ronen Goldman

“Literature is a textually transmitted disease, normally contracted in childhood.” — Jane Yolen

Vaccination is useless. Attempts at vaccination (censoring and banning) result in increased fever and acceleration of the spread of this disease. Resistance is futile. Let literature spread!

Call me Cheetah

Sketch by Afke van Herpt

When I was little I went through a phase where I wanted everyone to call me “Cheetah” and refused to answer to anything else. “Nettie, time to get ready for bed.” my mom said. “Call me Cheetah.” I bargained. “Nets! I hear the ice-cream truck — let’s go get some!” my big brother said. “Call me Cheetah.” I negotiated. In any given circumstance where my claim to this new name was not being respected, all involved were treated to my offended disdain. Sheesh! What’s a girl-child have to do to get everyone on board with her new name?

And why did I want this new name? I found out that cheetahs are the fastest animal on the planet and so of course I wanted to (in addition to wanting to be a princess-ballerina-acrobat) be a cheetah.

My daughter also went through a cat identification stage but hers lasted
much longer than mine and included an uncanny mimicry of the way a cat
moves on all fours and actually licking people. Don’t worry, She’s
outgrown that part of it.

What has me thinking of that foray into feline wanna-be-ness is this new study, reported on in an article over at io9, in which the principles behind why cheetahs often overheat when they have hunted successfully is explained: The science of hot cheetahs by Joseph Bennington-Castro

Super moon tonight!

Moonrise by Jan Betton
(This illustration always reminds me of my daughter Jazzy and her little brother Jude.)

know the old folk custom of putting out a bowl of milk for the fairies?
Well tonight there is a super moon and if you want her moonbeams to
shine your way especially beautifully then you must put something out
for her. The moon likes laughter so float some her way — like a
mellifluous ribbon in the wind, like a balloon of happiness swaying
gently, like a handful of fireworks giggles. She wont be able to stay

Good afternoon!

By Annette Marie Hyder

Words are like sunshine to the myriad of keys
on typewriters, keyboards, and smart phones. Fingers rain-tap on the
keys which are flowers that seek the light of your story, flash fiction,
and poem…

Photography by Sarolta Bán

Sunday Things: Old Sea Wall

By Annette Marie Hyder

On days like those she learned to love the cool sea breeze
that sighed across a thousand wavelets, shaking them
and trembling them just as if they were leaves
glittering beneath the heavy sun
like scales on a green snake tree
that undulated back and forth
salty and scaly and lush
in its green and its blue and its sparkle and rattle
of pearl-shell-fin bush.
Its hissing vines and creepers managed to crash so tall
that they were able to reach with curling fingers
and climb the old sea wall.