All aboard! The Art Train is a finalist!

“Big News! The three finalists have been announced in the
Forever St. Paul MN Idea Open today and one is right here in the
Creative Enterprise Zone of St. Anthony Park. Please help us get out the
vote for the Art Train. It’s an innovative proposa
that would repurpose old train cars by turning them into affordable
creative spaces. All three ideas are competing by popular vote for $1
million in funding.” — Saint Anthony Park Community Council

I love the idea of the Art Train! I hope you’ll check out the short video at the link (especially if you love the historicity, the romance, and the uniqueness of trains, the way that spaces in them can be ‘expansive and cloistered’ at the same time) and VOTE for the Art Train.

(Voting is free.)

All Aboard the Art Train!

From the SAPCC website:

“This is a great opportunity to anchor the Creative Enterprise Zone
and preserve affordable, unique space for creative entrepreneurs. But,
we need your help to make it happen.

Voting starts today and ends
Sept. 2. With only 20 days to get out the vote, we need all the help we
can get. Here’s what you can do:

1) Vote now! It only takes a second. Go to and vote for The Art Train. You can also read all about the idea, competition and other finalists there.
2) Ask 5 of your friends to vote right now. Send them an email, Facebook message, text or call them. 
Share this status. With such a short time to raise awareness, social
media is going to be one of the most effective ways to spread the word.
Help us extend our reach as far as possible by clicking the facebook
button on this post. 
4) Start your own campaign to get out the vote.
The more people we have working to bring the Art Train to St. Paul, the
better our chances will be. This might mean sending out a quick email
to your list asking people to vote and spread the word. You can post the
link to vote to your own social media accounts, or talk to people

We hope you are as excited as we are about this
incredible opportunity. Stay tuned for updates, efforts and more ways to
help bring the Art Train to St. Paul.”

You can also vote by texting “Train” to 228466