Something beautiful on this Wednesday afternoon: The art of being

Image source: Bubblews

Cool and quixotic, looking like it’s carved from jade that’s been paled and pared down to something like ivory only brighter and cleaner, this alligator decorates the tree branch on which it lies, gleams like a piece of jewelry pinned to the sweater bark of the tree, or like a pendant, hanging from an invisible chain of light.

I love the mosaic of its skin, the deceptively delicate looking beauty of its bone-china claws, the graceful sway of the curve of its tail and the way that its left arm and leg have made an art of sprawl.

Life seems like a marketplace to me when I see things like this that incarnate the art of being — a marketplace full of rare beauty, bursting with never-before-seens and exotic spices, tree-climbing-brooches (aka white alligators), for instance, and the zesty spice of surprise, a marketplace in which the currency you spend is time.

Note of interest

The alligator in the photo is a white alligator, not an albino. According to Bubblews, with cited sources:

“They are actually called “leucistic” alligators. Due to this genetically rare condition, their
skin only has a bit of color which is displayed on the tail, around the
mouth and in their bright blue eyes. Since this is a very rare
condition, these specific alligators are considered a rare species.
Scientists think there are only 12 of these leucistic gators, four them
being in the Gatorland theme park in Florida, because they rarely
survive in the wild swamp lands of America and China…the only places
they have been found.”