Monday morning sun

Photography by Eugenio Recuenco

By Annette Marie Hyder

I want to put the sun in the sky for you, he said
I want to light up your world.
But she already had her hands full of sunshine as it was
and just wanted him
to help her hold it
as she hoisted the sun into the sky.

She wanted to turn the world on together.
Or at least take turns lighting it for each other.

Happy Monday!

10/02/13 Edited to add that this piece was picked up and published by Ravenous Butterflies on their Facebook page. I love Ravenous Butterflies! Check it out here.

In the Treetops

By Annette Marie Hyder
(Sunday afternoon, Stillwater, MN)

The sunshine is like a troop of monkeys
leaping from branch to branch
and tree to tree
and I don’t even like monkeys but I can see
the pyrotechnic beauty
as they scorch the tips and tops
leave a trail of crackling brilliance
set fire to every leaf.

Friday in his fancy dress

Photography by Shinji Watanabe

Friday’s Wearing a Top Hat
By Annette Marie Hyder

And I don’t even care that it is accessorized
with a black crow.
I like the gloss of that bird’s feathers.
I like the tilt of his toes.
Some view crows as bad luck
but me, I see that plucky fellow
and I know that he means to be an omen
of being fearless and audacious while simultaneously
watching over me. Come on Friday, let’s go!

Happy Friday!


Photography by Jas Hyder

Bird On a Wire
By Annette Marie Hyder

Telephone poles and power lines stretch
as far as the eye can see in this place in the city.
It reminds me of the electricity behind your utterances
and the way that your eyes and lips
are live conduits between the words themselves
and their meanings.
Me, I could perch on any one of your telephone lines
like a bird
and never want to come down.

Happy Banned Books Week 2013!

It’s not too late to celebrate Banned Books Week, 2013. Banned Books Week is Sept. 22 – 28. It’s a time when the nation celebrates the
freedom to read and the American Library Association (ALA) brings
attention to the censorship of books in schools and libraries. Some of my favorite books have been subjected to censorship and banning attempts (protests at being included in public schools and libraries with attempts at banning them from such).

Here are just a few of the forbidden books, “Just in case you needed a short reading list.” — The Sexy Librarian

Image courtesy of The Sexy Librarian

And here is a link to Pogo’s Alice just because I love it and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is the last book on the poster above:

YouTube Video

And I leave you with a favorite poem of mine from a favorite poet:

To The Reader
by Denise Levertov

As you read, a white bear leisurely
pees, dying the snow

and as you read, many gods
lie among lianas: eyes of obsidian
are watching the generations of leaves,

and as you read
the sea is turning its dark pages,
its dark pages.

Links of interest: Frequently Challenged Books with links to the ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF), Extended List of Books Banned or Challenged, and more.
5 Reasons You Should Read Banned Books by Kelly Conrad

She plays the part of wicked queen

By Annette Marie Hyder

(from the Night Fairytales series)

asking you to bring her own heart to her
like Snow White’s step-mother grim
against herself.

You take the huntsman’s role and you begin
by saying, “I have it right here
it beats like a bird
in its tree made into box,”

and looking in for her wild heart
she sees your own within.

large and firm

By Annette Marie Hyder

those water lilies glisten —
they just shake with beckoning
on the puckered surface of the lake
what’s a poor frog to do?
he leaps
again and again
looking for the perfect pad(s)
but always finding some small blemish
or fly in the ointment of paradise
to launch him en baisse
to the next ones to sway his way