I saw these Awake caffeinated chocolate bars when I was getting gas at the SuperAmerica on University Avenue by the Artist Lofts. I went in to pay for my gas and there they were just shining at me in their promise of an incredibly alert chocolate satisfaction experience. It was like we were the stars of our very own commercial — they dazzled at me and I leered at them. I had to have them. I was 28 cents short of the cash I needed for them and started digging around for my credit card but the lady in line next to me — just as excited about there being a caffeinated chocolate bar at the gas station as I was — pitched in the tax for me. It’s the little acts of kindness…

So hand trembling with excitement, I took this photo and I will report back to you on how this “full cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine in a chocolate bar” tastes and if it does in fact affect me with all the much loved potency of a cup o’ Joe. Which one will taste better, the milk chocolate or the caramel? Will it be a gentle gradual increase in my overall alertness or a jolt to my system that will require me to be free from using machinery at the time of consumption? These questions and more shall be answered.

On a side note, caffeine was the last thing I needed yesterday. I was fueled with plenty of adrenaline all day long.

Yesterday morning my daughter Jazzy was running late to get to her bus stop so she asked me, still in bed, if I would lock the door behind her to save her time and I said “Yes — just go — love you — be safe!”

I waited till I was sure enough time had passed and then texted her a little message for her to read on the bus. So it was while I was picturing her reading the message I sent her that I got out of bed to lock the door and saw Godiva. Godiva is really a one-person-cat and that one person in her life is Jazzy. She tolerates me and in a pinch will butt her head against my hand (to pacify me) but she follows Jazzy around like a puppy and croons her love to her in lengthy catty adulations and much purring and twining around Jazzy’s every step.

So just like I normally do, I caressed her with my voice and held out my hand hoping for a little bit of catty love. “Here girl, here pretty Godiva,” I praised her. “How are you this morning, pretty girl?” She came over to give me the obligatory head butt and that is when I screamed at the top of my lungs, long and ferociously, at another voice crooning at ME from around the corner and by the door that I had not yet locked! Turns out it was Jasmine back through the unlocked door, speaking softly in case I was still sleeping and just wanting to let me know that “I missed my bus.”

Well the irreparable damage is done. Godiva will have nothing to do with me now after my unintentional assault on her ears. She’s aggrieved and yet I am the one who had the panties scared off me yesterday morning.

Jazzy laughed when this happened, she laughed as I drove her in to school, and she laughed again when she came home from school. She was in a grand mood all day long. Yes, there were bonus points of joy for the daughter in scaring me.

So yeah, no need for coffee or tea or anything caffeinated at all yesterday!

PS In case you are interested, here is a link to the Awake Chocolate website.