Follow up: Awake!

I am sorry to have to report to you that my experience with the Awake chocolate bar was a disappointing one. As soon as I opened the wrapper I was let down by the dusty appearance of the bar. Just how long did this bar sit on its shelf before I came along and fell under its spell? Add to the ancient look of the bar an odd lack of smell. I like to smell the scent of whatever delicious item I am about to taste (I know I’m not the only one). It enhances my enjoyment and in this case there was a sad lack of enjoyment and no enhancement thereof.

The first bar, so old and dusty that it fell apart before I could eat it or take its picture.

Second bar with tell-tale light coloring at the top left corner indicative of age (as if it is going gray).

The taste: sugary plastic. No I have never actually eaten sugary plastic but I have eaten sugar and I have put enough plastic spoons, rims of solo cups, bendy straws, and temple piece tips of sunglasses in my mouth to recognize the presence of plastic as a taste factor. This chocolate bar tasted like an amalgam of all of the above with a few eraser tips thrown in for good measure and all coated in the added insult to my taste buds of the most saccharine and stalest of sugars. The caramel bar was slightly less repulsive
than the plain milk chocolate bar but I suspect that is because I love
caramel so much.

But what about the caffeine? This too was wanting. No discernible increase in energy occurred. In fact I felt deflated after eating 1/2 the bar and couldn’t bear to finish it. It filled me with dissatisfaction. ‘Awake’ is a misnomer. This chocolate bar would be more aptly styled ‘Ennui’.

But I don’t want to leave you on such a sad and disenchanted note. So allow me, dear reader, to tell you about a completely delicious, addictive and crave-worthy chocolate bar, the dark chocolate bar with caramelized honey by Chuao Chocolatiers of southern California. From the back of the package, “The Honeycomb bar is a sweet bouquet of silky dark chocolate and
crunchy, caramelized honey. Its pleasing layers of tropical flavors and
contrasting textures seduce chocolate lovers like bees to a flower.

Dazzling and delicious!

Yes, apparently we enjoy posing our chocolate bars near floral and branch arrangements to suggest the delightful conceit of a Wonkian world where chocolate grows on trees.

I wasn’t able to take a photo of the actual bar out of its wrapper because the Chuao bars disappear around here before anyone can think of taking a photo. But this is what it looks like (photos courtesy of CandyBlog):


You can find these bars at Super Target (or online at the Chuao website) and thank me later.