Antlers strung with tiny bells and wild bright stars

Digital Artwork by Catrin Weltz-Stein

Dream Storm
By Annette Marie Hyder

The snow falls chiming like tiny glass bells,
glitters like tinsel as it touches the ground.
I want to wear antlers and lean into the sound
of your heart like a silver-tongued bugle
calling me to the chase through the glittering labyrinth waste.
My antlers will match your antlers, my hoofed feet your grace.
We’ll gather all the bright things of night;
hang moon, stars, and glass bells from the tips of our tines
to give us the light to chase our dreams down woods sleeping
tucked in with blankets stitched in crystal and cream.
I’ll wear wanton layers of chiffon, I’ll wrap up in pearls.
You’ll wear your smile-like-a-dare and your soft fur.
Our wild hearts will follow desire-dream’s storm.