Through the Window Darkly

By Annette Marie Hyder

There was a time when people believed that light beams projected out of our eyes, eye-beams, and that was how we saw the dark world around us. We were like candle holders or torch bearers. We bore the lights we carried in the lanterns of our eyes with which to see.*

We now know this isn’t true. And yet, sometimes the cold leaches the color right out of our eyes as if they are the source of not only light but every rainbow hue. On a day like today with the world sketched in primal white and gray with black the depth and strength of shadow in the gaze of mortal folk of clay, it’s easy to believe that eyes are more than windows to the soul.

Those windows come dressed with drapes or breezy curtains, some have bars and others crystal panes. But all have some sort of tint that colors how we see the world and sometimes the cold will strip the tint of its ability and black and white and gray are all there is to see.

But there is a stark beauty to this dark vista, something that hints at things undiscovered, buried deep.

*The Fire That Comes From the Eye, Princeton Education, pdf link: