“Just think of spring.”

Image, Paris Snow, courtesy tealcheesecake.tumblr

I’m hearing a lot of friends encouraging one another with something along the lines of  ”Just wait, spring is just around the corner, just hold on to that thought, only 83 more days till spring!”*

But winter has only just begun! And while I am sure and know from experience that I will be longing for spring (especially here in Minnesota where spring comes late) by the end of winter, I think there is something to be said for enjoying the beauty of this season that we are in here and now.

Not only is there beauty in the bones of the landscape and the way that time — measured in the leaps and bounds of green growing things — is arrested, but there is something special about the bones of perseverance that can be seen in people as they shovel snow, as they make a way, as they go about their lives with a seasonal handicap that they will themselves to overcome. There is something to be appreciated in the lull, the interlude that allows a type of reflection that is more contemplative than that of the other three seasons. And winter truly allows us to rediscover the knowledge that is within us and maybe overlooked in easier times that the things that die, flowers, warmth, light, not only die but live again.

*There are even countdown apps and websites to let you know down to the hour how much closer you are to spring: mycountown.org