Happy New Year 2014!

A new year is like a gift basket filled with delicious edible possibilities. Maybe yours is filled, by a thoughtful hand, with strawberries dipped in chocolate, a jar of homemade jam, fresh bread hot from the oven, and spring grass butter. There’s caviar in dark glass and a lobster too, his pinching claws rubber-banded shut. Cuban cigars have been included and a bottle of Glenfidditch 12 Year Old single malt Scotch (metaphors all).

Most of the pleasures awaiting you in any given year are perishable. Make sure you use them. Don’t just put the gift basket up on a shelf and miss out on all the goodies when another year has come and gone with all your goodies put away and not having been touched at all before their expiration date has passed.

This year is a gift. Use it before it expires.

Happy New Year!